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 Jun Ai, at your service

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PostSubject: Jun Ai, at your service   Mon Dec 08, 2014 7:27 pm

Character Name: Beijing

What they represent: The capital of China [though, I'm not exactly well-informed about Beijing's past itself beyond a few morsels. My apologies ._."]

Human Name: Jun Ai [Her last name is liable to change, but Ai is her first name for certain.]

Appearance: As seen in the icon. Her hair is black and her eyes are slightly amber.Unlike her relatives, her hair is rather short/medium, and not neatly/as symmetrically(?) cut. She has three hair accessories, one usually near her left ear, the other two on either side of her neck. She has visible scars on her face, but also more on her body.
  What she wears kinda looks like training clothes: It's a [VERY] altered version of a green and yellow accented cheongsam with an open neck, fasteners that in fact[ that I think about it] resembles an Ao Dai more with the long dress bit and slit starting at the waist level. She wears black leggings under that and dark green or black flats. On her arms, she wears long sleeveless gloves.

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual [I don't really like yaoi/yuri, but that doesn't mean I can't let you have your fun too. So I might be open to what if/AUs now and then ^^]

Age: Roughly late teens to early 20s. [18-23, I'd say] At least 2,400 years old. However, as the capital, only 1600 years.

Personality: A seemingly professional, reserved, serious and somewhat strict young woman. At a point, she might seem cold or distant, but she reveals a caring and kindhearted self when she trusts someone and/or senses sincerity, and usually acts so to test that. She can be motherly as well and enjoys taking care of others...most of the time. She puts aside her usual self in battle.

Friends: Good terms with--America, and by extension Illinois. China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Greece [he has an embassy there.]

Foes: Not really any [RP wise], since she attempts to keep at least a neutral relation with others. [And because I'm looking at Hetalia like'...what?']

History: Began as a city before being promoted to capital in the Ming Dynasty, as well as having the title stripped and received numerous times [I checked, it's weird.] Discovered wandering around near China's place, she soon followed him. She's fought in quite a few battles since possibly before the Han Dynasty.

Fun facts: Her voice? Think Tara Platt/Mitsuru Kirijo...or like the lowest voice Tara has. But not Wang Yuanji. This should also give a feel for her personality, actually.
-She's fairly grounded for a Hetalia OC...especially when you look at her crazy relatives.
-She enjoys music, and besides that plays a few traditional instruments herself. But that isn't usually known to others.
-Being of a combative past, she's quite versed in different styles, weaponry and skill.
-I made a different Beijing, too. That one is a man, that would explain why this one is a female and yet China isn't. He existed before her, but it was rather short lived in country terms...

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Jun Ai, at your service
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