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 [A bit of this and a bit of me] I was told to introduce myself to the other members

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PostSubject: [A bit of this and a bit of me] I was told to introduce myself to the other members   Mon Dec 08, 2014 9:21 pm

I assume many of you have heard of me. I am Beijing, human name styled as Jun Ai. Ai being my first name, but please do not call me that...yet. I am pleased to have been accepted again into your acquaintances, although I do see some familiar faces. For those I have yet to meet, I'm looking forward to making your acquaintance.
I hope that we can get along. I think it'd be rather unfortunate if I have to resort to defensive tactics, but I didn't come here to make enemies.
As for my personal matters, I appreciate all types of tea, and most types of music. I am quite skilled in weaponry and combative tactics, so I do appreciate the occasional sparring. And I do love to cook. Err, please do not tease me if that sounds a bit typical.

[Heyo, I'm the mun-o. Call me Bei, as everyone seems to like to do, or you can call me Da. I am the older sister of Tokes/Xiao. I'm one of the three modmins on this site. I actually don't know what to have Ai say's a whole post of her just talking? I'm super friendly, I swear. I like being senpai/older sister, but that sounds super weird. I don't usually write things with an intent to be super serious, and the closer I am to you, the more I swear and I use cap locks for fun and...something?
If anyone needs something, I'm up to listen.]
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[A bit of this and a bit of me] I was told to introduce myself to the other members
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