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 A time for peace or war [Drama/War (if you want) AU]

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PostSubject: A time for peace or war [Drama/War (if you want) AU]   Tue Dec 09, 2014 7:58 pm

There was very little to do with the sorry state the city was in. But what else could be done? Much of it was rendered useless by the horrid snows that had been coming of late. And then there was the horrifying number of civilians left on the streets with no choice. However, what seemed to be the most horrifying was that there was little the government could do to help them because there was very little government.
And the reason for that had been many of them had been killed. And not many were brave enough to take those spots leftover.
Yes, they lived in an oppressed state, unable to get onto their feet properly. A revolution against their cruel neighbor was spoken off, but it quickly died down. After all, what could a place such as this do with these people?

Lady Ai walked briskly through the street, carrying with her a bag that she had covered with some fabric. It was still in the afternoon, but the sun gave no show of its brilliance and warmth today so it seemed like evening. It had been a self-imposed obligation of hers to at least provide something for the outdoors-folk so they might not die of cold or starve.
She went the usual route, but this time, she saw someone else. She quickly turned back to what she had set out to do. If someone came here, chances were they weren't leaving so soon, or already left.
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A time for peace or war [Drama/War (if you want) AU]
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