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 Not actually leaving

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PostSubject: Not actually leaving   Mon Feb 02, 2015 4:41 pm

I'm writing this more so to let everyone know that I am around, but for once, school is actually making me stresses and family, anxious. I'm more concerned about level 2 media class that I wasnt planning on taking until there counselor pretty much volunteered me to, nor have I have taken the first class. Disney project and 30 minute presentation, ohh joy.

I'llcome on every now and then to see if anyone is on. But if anyone needs me, I can reached at my tumblr: sweetirrelevant (part time rp character, thus the name)

Thanks to the miracles of technology, I'm on mobile app, so I will come running if anyone needs me, even if I'm not actively posting on it

Smile promise I will be more active when the project and my research paper are finished
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Not actually leaving
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