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 Does this count as music or as plotting suggestions?

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PostSubject: Does this count as music or as plotting suggestions?   Mon Feb 16, 2015 9:05 pm

I know that sometimes plotting can be pretty hard sometimes and it's not the same as writing fanfictions. So here are some songs that, if you look hard enough, are pretty chock full of feeling and ideas, some of these conveyed by the notes in the songs. Not sure if everyone else is aware of these but ehhhh

Panic!At the Disco: The Girl You Love Can you say stalker/killer and a movie credit that leaves you speechless when you leave?
Kaleidoscope Eyes

Jay Chou : Ming Ming Jiu/Obviously It's a pretty sweet song, but the protagonist resigns himself to be just her friend rather than make her choose

Na Li Dou Shi Ni/ You are everywhere:Pretty self explanatory.

Vocaloid: Crescent Moon/Jougen no Tsuki [Kaito] The PV itself is pretty breathtaking, too.

Stephen McKnight : At the end of a long escape- Yep, a Resident Evil 6 song. The lyrics itself pretty much tells a story. It's kinda cheesy, but it's sweet if you watch the ending scene.

TaeYang: Wedding Dress

K.Will: Please Don't Just look at the lyrics and the mood of the song.

ELVA : Wrong Person Also Lyrics.

Passion of Mulan Don't remember the name of the singer, but the feeling I get is standing in a barren field, and then the harp strikes and we are thrown into a time of however uneasy peace.

F.I.R: Wo Men De Ai/Our Love Our love is a burden for you.

~Just a few to start. Any suggestions are welcome!~
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Does this count as music or as plotting suggestions?
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