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 It has been quite sometime..allow me to re-introduce myself. (New)

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PostSubject: It has been quite sometime..allow me to re-introduce myself. (New)   Thu Mar 05, 2015 11:03 pm

Hey everyone it's been a while since I've shown myself hasn't it? Well I would like to introduce myself once more for new members as well as old members since I am in a different stage in my life right now.

Hey guys nice to meet you the name's Melvin, although i'd prefer if you would call me by my internet  nickname of "Thai". I have been in the Hetalia fandom for four years and i have been roleplaying for about five years. I am eighteen years old, a college freshman trying to finish out this semester  in a major that I hate and finally move on to Psychology, and my two fave colors are Emerald Green and purple. Pertaining to other fandoms I'm involved in, I am also a Homestuck and a Whovian but like with any of my fandoms I'm not obsessed with them like i used to be. Pokemon is something else I like but I stopped after generation 5. My hobbies include writing, marching band, and sleeping to be honest, however i am trying to change that about myself, (I always sleep through my days -_-; )

I haven't been too active in anything outside of school lately because I've been going through a state of depression, and that mixed in with being in a major i have no interest in has made things worse for me. That aside it's been difficult to return to the Hetalia fandom, or just roleplaying in general because of something personal thing that happened to me two or three years ago...I still find it hard to deal with but hey I've got to move on.

ALL THE DEPRESSING STUFF ASIDE, i'm actually a very fun person, and i'd like to think im calm too, that being said I don't want any of you to be afraid to come to me with concerns, pertaining to the site, or any other issues.

I live on the east coast of the United States and my dream is to become some sort of psychologist or (something having to do with design). Moving onto more roleplaying related matters, I have roleplayed South Korea, Thailand, Lithuania, Turkey, Sweden, Canada, France, Seborgia and my OC Quebec whom I dont know anything about anymore :/

About how i roleplay, I tend to do loads of research on my character's personality before even attempting to portray them, I prefer to roleplay in paragraph format and my posts are usually well over 200 words on a good day its over 300( these are estimates). Even though i love to be descriptive, i wont reject roleplaying with someone who types less or is just starting out, we all need time to learn. Just... make sure you make your posts two lines or more. That i will get on your back about, I see a two line requirement as being generous.....most sites require an application and then all posts to be 350 words o.o.

Also as i said before I am very calm, and kind so dont feel afraid to approach me with issues. Oh and one more thing, I am an eighteen year old college MALE hetalian. Haha!

I look forward to getting to know you better as well as roleplaying with you all. ~Thai
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It has been quite sometime..allow me to re-introduce myself. (New)
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