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 Introduction of Turkey

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PostSubject: Introduction of Turkey   Fri Apr 03, 2015 6:45 pm

Hi I'm Turkey, I like sweets, coffee and apple juice. I enjoy make and tasting new foods which I often take picture of to put on a food blog. I love meeting new people, entertaining tourists and making friends with my fellow countries. I hope e can all get along and drink some raki sometime.

(Hi my name is Harmony and I am thirteen years old. This is my first time roleplaying so I hope I do it right. I have been in the hetalia fandom since last year but I think I have learned quite a bit about the show. I enjoy being in the fandom although I have watched a let's play of hetaoni and read auf wiedersehen sweetheart so sad. I live in England home of scones, Big Ben and a whole lot of rain. My hobbies are writing especially poetry and short stories, singing even though I'm not good at it and cooking. I hope we can all get along.)
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Introduction of Turkey
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