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 Ever heard of the name Alternative Northern Italy?

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Second Player North Italy


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PostSubject: Ever heard of the name Alternative Northern Italy?   Sat Apr 25, 2015 6:59 am

Character: Second Player North Italy/2p!N. Italy/Alternative Northern Second Player Italy

Human Name: Luciano Vargas

Age: 23 (Appearance), 154 (Real Age)

Eye color: Having born with complete heterochromatic eyes, he’d have different eye colours for sure. His right eye is crimson red, meanwhile the left one is pinkish purple.

Hair Color: Although his hair may seem auburn-ish, it is actually reddish brown. If you looked closer, you’d see some shades of brown here and there. And yes, he is a redhead.

Personality Difference from regular: Such a calm and cold person he is! He may look emotionless, but in fact, he isn’t. He’s just not used to talk to strangers, and also is an expert when it comes to romance, although he’d be that one person who tries to be as gentlemanly as possible. Luciano always saves his happy and caring side for those he loves, romantically or not.

Likes: Pizza, books, dogs, astronomy, stargazing, rains, and silence.
Dislikes: Pasta, cats, children who won’t behave, weak people, his bad habits, his insomnia, informal parties, crowd, loud people, annoying people, hugs, cuddles, lies, and betrayal.
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Ever heard of the name Alternative Northern Italy?
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