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 Illinois here!

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PostSubject: Illinois here!   Tue Oct 21, 2014 10:22 pm

Country/Region: Illinois
Human name: Katherine Chance Williams (Mostly referred to Kate, Katie, or Kathy)
Gender: Female
State age: 197
Physical/Human age: 16-18
Birthday: December 3rd (Sagittarius)

- Long and wavy, dark brown hair. Her hair is usually a little messy from it being windy over by Chicago.
-Teal eye color
-Height 5'7
-Illinois has some scars from the Chicago fire of 1871, mostly on her back.
-Has bullethole scars on her forehead, but they are covered by her bangs.

-Has stable emotions
-Is awkward when accepting compliments
-Quick tempered
-Has strong instincts
-Tries to think her decisions over, but tends to do things on impulse
-Cares for her family, but doesn’t show it often
-Puts on a facade when she is upset, to hide her true feelings
-A little shady and sneaky at times
-Like to be childish and play pranks, but can be mature when she wants to be
-Likes to be alone at times
-Gets irritable when bored

Personality Fun Facts
-Loves popcorn and beer
-Swears a lot
-Favorite flower is Native Violet
-Favorite animals are dogs, cardinals and white-tailed deer
-Likes to square dance
-Owns two German Shepherds, along with one cat.
-Likes jazz and blues
-Hates Valentine’s Day
-His erogenous zone is her thighs

1673—Louis Jolliet and Father Marquette arrive in Illinois
1699—Cahokia is founded, the oldest town in Illinois
1717—Illinois becomes part of French Louisiana
1763—England receives Illinois at the end of the French and Indian War
1778—George Rogers Clark captures Kaskaskia from the British
1787—Illinois becomes part of the Northwest Territory
1804—Lewis and Clark expedition starts near Wood River
1809—Illinois Territory is created
1818—Illinois becomes the 21st state
1830—Abraham Lincoln moves to Illinois
1837—Chicago incorporated as a city
1848—The Illinois & Michigan Canal completed
1853—First Illinois State Fair is held
1861—Abraham Lincoln inaugurated as the 16th President of the United States
1863—Emancipation Proclamation
1871—Fire consumes much of Chicago
1888—Present-day State Capitol built
1893—Chicago World's Fair
1900—Completion of the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal
1908—Chicago Cubs win their second World Series
1958—Illinois tollway opens
1959—The St. Lawrence Seaway opens
1970—New state constitution adopted

State Facts
-Illinois is part of the Corn Belt, along with Iowa, Indiana, southern Michigan, western Ohio, eastern Nebraska, eastern Kansas, southern Minnesota and parts of Missouri.
-Fifth most populous state in the USA.
-Most spoken language besides English and Spanish is Polish.

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PostSubject: Re: Illinois here!   Thu Oct 23, 2014 4:20 pm

Awesome Application Illi Smile approved also i gave you admin and mod status.
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Illinois here!
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