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 Nice To Meet You. I'm Being Sarcastic, Of Course.

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Great Britain


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PostSubject: Nice To Meet You. I'm Being Sarcastic, Of Course.   Sat Nov 08, 2014 8:25 pm

Hello, I'm Arthur Kirkland. Of course, you should know that. I'm a former pirate, and if you dare mess with me, you will have to answer to my black magic. I am well aware of the affairs of other countries, unlike that gluttonous pig, America. I do believe that football and rugby are quite entertaining. And if you mention any of my defeats in these sports, I will sulk curse you. I also enjoy tea; earl grey is my absolute favourite. I like my tea to be just perfect. I hate cold tea, and I hate it when my tea is too sweet or when it's watered down. I also like to enjoy a scone during tea time. Tea time is always at four o'clock, if you haven't learnt that yet. A lot of countries view me as stubborn, prideful, and self absorbed. Well I disagree! I just think that dignity is important. After all, respect is earned. Many countries also believe that I am delusional. Well I assure you, flying mint bunny is real!

Well, it's my time to go. I enjoyed talking to you. That's sarcasm, of course!

((It's me, Hungary from the other site. o3o))
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PostSubject: Re: Nice To Meet You. I'm Being Sarcastic, Of Course.   Mon Dec 08, 2014 9:07 pm

Ahh, so I see another tea lover is here.
But ah, you're very friendly for someone being sarcastic.

[[Long time no see Hun-chan!]]
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Nice To Meet You. I'm Being Sarcastic, Of Course.
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